P&I / H&M Correspondents

Kings Shipping Corporation is a P&I/H&M correspondent company in Bangladesh. Kings Shipping Corporation has been structured as an independent company to deal with the correspondence matters for valuable international P&I Clubs and the H&M underwriters. KSC can assist with marine claims or problems, which may be of concern to the P&I Clubs / H&M underwriters and their members. These include providing assistance to both ship owners and charterers, who may find themselves involved in P&I / H&M claims and/or defense cases.

As the correspondent, KSC team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to immediately react to any notification of a P&I/H&M casualty in Bangladesh. Such causalities in Bangladesh include everything from routine containerized cargo claims to major maritime incidents such as collisions, groundings, oil pollution incidents etc. In its role as the correspondent, it is the responsibility of KSC to assist and manage any such maritime incident, which may arise at any time, at day or at night, and provide the right kind of maritime solutions, as best.